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A lyrical and profoundly moving story of love, loss and civil war, set in Sri Lanka, London and Venice. Beautifully written, by turns heartbreaking and uplifting, Mosquito is a first novel of remarkable and compelling power.

Bone China

An epic novel of love, loss and a family uprooted, set in the contrasting landscapes of war-torn Sri Lanka and immigrant London.

Brixton Beach

Prose so lush it appeals to every sense, the pages are suffused with the scents and tastes, ring with the sounds of Sri Lanka and South London…Roma Tearne is an exquisite writer and captivating storyteller, such that the reader is endlessly torn between the desire to linger and the urge to turn the page to see where she will take us next.

Aminatta Forna

The Swimmer

A tender, unconventional love story unfolds, until tragedy intervenes…Tearne’s descriptions of the wide Suffolk skies are breathtaking; she has a wonderful ability to create atmosphere.

The Times

The Road to Urbino

Beautifully written and observed, a richly woven plot. Roma Tearne leads us seamlessly between the intensity of art, love in a warm climate, and acute human suffering.

Jon Snow, Newscaster, Channel 4 News


The Last Pier

The Last Pier is Roma Tearne’s sixth novel and is set in Suffolk on the eve of the Second World War.


The White City

From the author of Mosquito comes this story of human resilience in the face of environmental and social breakdown.

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